Another challenge for Vidya
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • January 20, 2020
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  • 11:28 am

Tonight on Vidya, we see Nanku in the jail cutting woods with an axe and suddenly sees Dharma coming in and telling him all about Vidya’s preparation for exams. To get back at her, Nanku tells Dharma that one, Vidya should not teach the kids and two, the kids must not sit for the exams. This will lead to the kids failing and differences being created between Vidya and Vivek. Will Nanku’s plan succeed?

Later, Vidya and Vivek reach the village to set the house up. At first, Vivek says that the kids won’t come, but he then sees the kids coming in and Vidya is very happy to see them. When Vidya starts teaching, Vivek tells her that he wants to watch her while she is teaching, and this makes her very nervous. A few kids sitting behind seem disinterested and so to get their interest back, Vidya calls the dholak wala who is standing around the area. Vidya whispers something in his ear and the dholak wala starts playing the dhol. Not only the teacher, but the kids also start singing along with her and enjoy studying. On seeing this, Vivek gets very angry and shuts everybody up.

What happens next? Find out tonight on Vidya at 7:30 pm sharp!



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