Ankit agrees to marry Bharti! Sanskaar Recap 2nd-8th August
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It was the Vaishnav family versus the villagers at the temple as Bhoomi was stopped from doing the puja as she was considered impure after her kidnapping. The family stood by Bhoomi and tried to reason with the people, but failed. Finally, Kishan held the diya in his hands and asked Bhoomi to complete her puja. (Watch the scene here)

Bhoomi was heartbroken when Kishan’s hand was burned because of the diya, but Kishan consoled her. While Hasmukh turned over a new leaf, Bharti decided to become a part of the family to ruin them.

The next day, in order to get a new contract, Karsan named Kishan the new MD of the mill, which angered some members of the family. (Click here to watch the scene) Ansu Baa also handed over the keys of the house to Bhoomi, which Ankit and Ketki didn’t like.

During the meeting with the client, Bharti instigated Ramila and Ketki against Kishan when the client sent Dilip out as he was not the MD. She also sent the peon outside on some pretext and mixed something in the cold drink. In the absence of a peon, Dilip himself served the refreshments, but ended up spilling the cold drink on the client as per Bharti’s plan. (Watch as Dilip is left shame faced)

When the client berated Dilip, Kishan defended his brother, which resulted in them losing the contract. Ansu Baa supported this decision of Kishan, but Bhoomi was more concerned about Bharti’s involvement in the whole fiasco. Just as Bharti was gloating over the success of her plan, Bhoomi quizzed her about sending the waiter away, but Bharti managed to evade the questions. (Watch the confrontation here)

Bhoomi tried to talk to Kishan about her misgivings, but Kishan didn’t take her seriously. Bharti broke down in front of Ansu Baa and emotionally blackmailed her into getting her married to Ankit. Ansu Baa was shocked but she eventually agreed. (Watch as Bharti succeeds in her plan) One of Bhoomi’s bangles broke at the same time, which scared Bhoomi about the future of her family.

When Ansu Baa announced this news to the whole family, Ramila and Ketki were very unhappy, but the rest of them supported Ansu Baa in her decision. On Bhoomi’s advice, Ansu Baa also asked Ankit, and Ankit surprised his family by agreeing with Ansu Baa. (Watch the scene here)

Bhoomi called Bharti and Bharti took Ansu Baa’s blessings, which made Ramila very unhappy as she was against the match. Later, as Bharti was praising Ankit for his acting skills, Ankit accidentally dropped Bhoomi’s cell phone that he was planning to sell. Bhoomi heard the phone and went out in search for it. Just as it was ringing, Bharti flung the phone away, saving herself. (Watch the scene here)

When Bhoomi asked Bharti about her phone ringing, Bharti claimed that she hadn’t heard any ring, which made Bhoomi all the more suspicious. She tried to tell Kishan about her doubts, but was interrupted by Avni, who called Kishan. Bhoomi decided to speak to Bharti’s father to clear things up, but she was overheard by Bharti, who decided to deal with Bhoomi. 

The first signs of differences between Ramila and Parul started showing as Ramila accused Parul of making Bharti, a servant’s daughter, marry Ankit instead of Kishan. Parul tried to explain that she had no problems with Bharti, but Ramila left in a huff. (Watch the scene here)

With Bharti set to gain an entry into the family, will she succeed in destroying the family? Or is there still hope for Bhoomi?

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