Andy and Asif burst out!
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  • October 3, 2013
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The usually calm and a non-verbose Asif and the happy-go-lucky  Andy were seen bursting out at their inmates, when Bigg Boss asked for the names of those who performed well and who did not from hell and heaven, for the ‘tabadla’. 


Bigg Boss called in Kamya and Kushal and asked them to discuss with their inmates and give the required names. The hell-mates unanimously decided to take Apurva’s name for the best performer and Elli’s name for the weak performer. But Andy was against the decision of taking Apurva’s name, as he felt it was unfair to him as he had performed well and infact was even ready to take snakes and rats on him. He was seen arguing with Pratyusha and Kamya.


On the heaven-side also there was no consensus as to who will be the best performer and the weakest performer, as everyone felt that they performed well. The finally decided to do it on the basis of who got the maximum points for the team will be the best and who didn’t get any points will be the weakest. Further, they decided to take Armaan’s name for best performer and Asif’s name for the weakest but Asif felt that it was not a fair way to select the performers. He was also seen voicing his disagreement and arguing with the heaven-mates.


Here’s hoping that the hell and heaven mates come to a consensus and choose the deserving candidates for the ‘tabadla’.


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