And the race to the finale begins!

And the race to the finale begins!

A new day in the second last week of Big Boss is worth looking forward to, right? Post the grilling sessions with the media, the housemates are back to the grind where members of the non-elite club which include – Paras, Mahira, Shehnaaz and Arti are made to participate in a task with an aim to secure their position in the finale week. This of course came with a price. The garden area will have four turtle shells under which each of these contestants are supposed to be. As per the rules, nothing apart from their heads must be out. Rashami is the sanchalak of this task and is closely monitoring this. Shehnaaz, who has a separate game going on in her mind, finds a way to eliminate Paras and Mahira from this task.

Post this, both Paras and Mahira are on a mission to hamper the task with random things thrown at the two contestants in the task. What will the end result of this task be?



A treat to all #SidNaaz fans is coming up tonight where Shehnaaz is ‘grooming’ Sidharth for the final week. This is led by Shehnaaz is up to some random but hilarious stunts. Click here for a quick glimpse!



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