And the deserving housemates who will go to Bigg Boss jail this week are…
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Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 will show Bigg Boss announcing about the Kaalkotri Ki Sazaa for the three housemates who deserve to be punished due to their behavior.





Some of them suggest Akash but Akash says he wouln’t be eligible until majority vote for him. In fact Akash takes Vikas’s name because he jumped over Shilpa and Hina during the luxury budget task. He also calls out Arshi’s name which makes her angry. Akash also goes on to call Arshi a loser.





When Priyank takes Arshi’s name, in her response Arshi says even Hina’s name should be taken in that case as she did the same to Vikas during the luxury budget task.





Another fight breaks out between Hina and Vikas as the two start blaming each other towards their acts during the luxury budget task, in fact Vikas adds on to the mockery over him by Hina few moments back.





Salman Khan once said that this season the housemates have a huge difficulty in having aapsi sehmati over any given matter, will this statement be proved true once again?



Watch tonight what happens in the end and who all go in the jail! 

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