And…Puneet Is Back! Synopsis, Day 46
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  • November 6, 2014
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Someone once said that there is no such thing as a punishment…there are only consequences. This is the thought on the mind of many contestants of the Bigg Boss house as they woke up to an overwhelmingly shocking morning that promised to twist a seemingly normal day into an unexpected one!

Puneet, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss house for using physical strength against Aarya two days ago, will make a re-entry into the contestants’ lives.  But, it is not an open walk-in for Puneet as he continues to have to bear the consequences of his actions – Puneet will be seen living locked up in a cage! When the housemates realize that Puneet is back, they rush towards the cage to get a glimpse of him, only to find a sad-looking Puneet greeting them with humble eyes.

Gautam, Pritam, Praneet and Sonali’s happiness knows no bounds, while Karishma, Diandra and Sushant look extremely confused and shocked at the turn of events. However, none of this compares to Aarya’s reaction who is not only appalled but also very perturbed.  Bigg Boss announces to the contestants that Puneet is being given one more chance to be in the house because his intentions were not as negative as perceived. Bigg Boss further elaborates that Puneet will continue to live in the cage and will not be able to avail of any of the house’s luxuries.

As the contestants finally settled in, the Captaincy task is announced where Upen selects Diandra and Pritam as probable candidates to lead the Bigg Boss house after the end of his reign. An election campaign is announced wherein Diandra and Pritam try to convince the contestants to vote in their favour. However, whether the contestants will choose the calm person or the temperamental yet popular candidate is something that we will have to wait and watch!

But all is set to change as entertainment takes forefront with the entry of actor Lisa Haydon who will be seen inside the house in full style! Lisa will interact with the contestants while selling them some bonus luxury budget goodies from the ‘Shaukeen Stall’ which will be set up in the garden area. While the contestants enjoy Lisa’s company, Puneet is seen standing inside his cage enjoying his surroundings but appearing little gloomy. Diandra mistakes the excited Lisa to be a wildcard entry and is happy especially because they have worked together in the modelling world. The housemates who have earned 600 points from the ‘Unchi Hai Building’ task have fun with Lisa and her stalls and spend some time buying items and bargaining as she asks some exclusive performances from the contestants for lowering prices of the products. As a part of the task, Lisa asks Pritam to mimic some contestants, Sonali and Diandra to flirt with Upen, and Ali and Sushant to sing, among some other lucrative bargains!

Must say, it is quite an intense day for the contestants, but the fun-filled evening with Lisa more than makes up for all the emotional turmoil!

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