And Karishma did it again!
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  • December 12, 2014
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Cool dude ‘Gauti’, had somewhere started believing that his bad days were over in the house and that people had started liking him. But a little confusion here! Apparently, Gautam was using Karishma’s hair curler and KT noticed this from a distance.  Highly upset Karishma walked upto him asking “Kya aapne use karne se pehle mujhse puccha tha?” A little surprised with his agitated housemate, Gautam told her that it was just kept there and he did not touch her belongings to bring it out.  He also mentioned that he had used her curler before, so he thought he could use it. Karishma said she didn’t mind sharing her stuff with others but she should be informed. It was an awkward moment for Gautam, he said that was okay and he understood it. He said “Nevermind! I will use Dimpy’s.” Psst Psst Ms.Tanna he was just using it and not consuming it! *Lol*


Sometime later Gautam was seen discussing the entire episode with Punzz, who said that Gautam should have been aware of her behaviour  and  cautioned him to just remain more careful going forward because Karishma was a selfish girl. I guess Karishma has forgotten, who was the first person Gautam shared ‘His favorite’ Nutella with after winning the hamper!

Hmmm…mean act KT!


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