And its a century!
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It’s the time to celebrate inside the Bigg Boss house as most contestants, except Ajaz, complete 100 days of survival on the show. After a cheerful and energetic wake up call, the housemates continue anticipating about what will be the ultimate result of the Grand Finale and how they need to make most of their remaining time inside the Bigg Boss house. 

In the morning, Andy is seen having a conversation with Heaven where they pretend to share some secrets with each other. Later, Tanishaa and Andy talk about how much they are going to miss Heaven after they step out of the house. 

In the kitchen area, Gauahar is seen talking about how it’s a huge achievement for her to have survived in the house for 100 days, especially because a lot of her well-wishers had underestimated her capability before she entered the house.  

A task is introduced where Bigg Boss asks the housemates to shoot their own video diaries using a handy-cam and narrate their journey inside the Bigg Boss house. Andy being the most enthusiastic contestant decides to shoot the entire journey of his fellow contestants and make it special for them. 

Sangram, being a true sportsman, showcases his yoga and wrestling skills while also narrating some of his best memories. He speaks about how he learned something new with every passing day and also made a few great friends. Gauahar dons a rugged look and narrates her kitchen chronicles and how she has spent most of her time cooking for her co-contestants. She also displays her collection of accessories while speaking about her obsession about them. Andy narrates his journey through a song while taking a tour of the house. Unlike others, Tanishaaa chooses to do the storytelling in a more intense way against the backdrop of the swimming pool. 

After this exciting activity, Tanishaaa and Ajaz are seen having a conversation where Tanishaaa asks Ajaz about his fallout with Gauahar. Ajaz tells Tanishaaa after being humiliated by Gauahar at multiple instances, he no longer has anything to do with her. Hearing this, Tanishaaa advises him to maintain a distance from Gauahar and not instigate her regarding anything. 

Later in the day, Tanishaaa and Andy discuss about the superficial nature of the house and the contestants residing in it. They also speculate about who will remain true to their friends after leaving the house. 

In the evening, Bigg Boss decides to give the contestants a chance to confess about whatever they have spoken about their fellow contestants in their absence or behind their back. The session is kicked off by Andy who starts with confessions about Tanishaa and Gauahar. He points out that he was always against Gauahar and Kushal’s relationship. Tanishaaa and Gauahar also try to clarify their differences but instead of resolving the matters, they both end up arguing while alleging different faults and problems in each other. Taking advantage of this situation, Ajaz tries to bridge the gap and be friendly with Gauahar while declaring her to be the most ‘sacha’ person in the house. 

As the day comes to a close, the equations of the housemates in the Bigg Boss house seems to have completely changed with Gauahar being left alone.


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