Anandi & Shiv finally tie the Knot! Weekly update (10th – 14th Dec)
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The week began with the hustle bustle at the venue. Everyone was seen gearing up for the Samuhik Vivah and a huge crowd had emerged to see this grand wedding. In all this entered Megha and Mohan, of Na Bole Tum fame, as reporters from Prabhat Leher. In their show too, the couple was shown to have fallen in love while working for the publication. They were there to cover the entire wedding live and while talking to their audiences they explained to us the importance of Mass Marriage and how it helps uplift women in society.

While this was going on Anandi arrived with her family and media rushed in to take her bytes. Megha and Mohan too approached and congratulated Anandi on all her efforts in raising issues like widow remarriages. Simultaneously, Shiv's baraat also arrived at the venue and everyone ran to take part in it. Watch Dadaji and Mahi dancing and enjoying in the baraat!

As soon as Shiv got down from the ghodi, Sumitra did his arti and did the well-known nose-pulling ritual! The CM of Rajashtan was also seen participating in the festivities and was seen commenting on how he appreciates that Shiv and Anandi agreed for a Samuhik Vivah instead of a lavish one and is proud of their good work. Watch the CM's speech right here!

The pandit then called the couple to the mandap and started the rituals. Bahus from both the families were asked to participate in the ritual of exchanging diyas & kalash over the havan kund as well as a game of tug of war to symbolize whose love is stronger between the couple. It also made for a fun and light hearted moment in the episode. Watch the happenings right here!

When the families were done with the rituals the pandit then called bride's father to do the Kanyadaan. Bhairon Singh asked Khajan Singh to go forward but the latter declined and gave this opportunity to Bhairon Singh. Watch how one father passed on the responsibility of Kanyadaan to another in this video.

Panditji then asked Shiv and Anandi to stand up for pheras and with each round taken Dadisa and family couldn't help but reminisce about the time when Jagya and Anandi got married. Even Jagya himself was shown watching the live telecast of the marriage on TV. Watch how Jagya felt regretful about losing Anandi.

After the seven pheras were completed Shiv put Sindoor on Anandi's forehead thus completing the rituals. They were then pronounced as husband and wife! Watch as Shiv-Anandi take the vows of marriage in this video.

The newly weds proceeded to get blessings from the elders of the family. The Vidaai ceremony began and Anandi completed all the rituals. She then said her last goodbye to the family. Watch what Dadisa, Bhairon and Sumitra spoke to Anandi before giving her away to Shiv.

This week Anandi will sit in the doli and leave the haveli forever. How will be Anandi’s new home? Keep watching this space to know more!

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