Anandi says I Love you!# Balika Vadhu Weekly Update, 18th March-22nd March
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Since the time Sanchi broke the news of Shiv’s transfer to everyone at Jaitsar, Jagya has been quite disturbed with the latest turn of events. Ganga notices Jagya’s turmoil and discovers that his feelings for Anandi were still alive.

Next day while Ganga is feeding Mannu, Jagya comes and starts playing with him. Looking at Jagya’s affection towards her kid, Ganga comments that he would make a great father. This reminds Jagya of Gauri’s miscarriage.

Jagya then asks Ganga about her studies and asks her to concentrate on her books instead of running behind Mannu. Dadisa and Sumitra also come and take up the responsibility of Mannu till she studies.

Later in the evening, Shiv drops Anandi to Dadisa’s haveli. Anandi meets Ganga and requests her to take care of Jagya when she is not around.

While on his way, Jagya notices Sanchi being hit by a truck. He jumps-off from his jeep to save Sanchi and takes her to the hospital. He calls Anandi and informs her about Sanchi’s condition.

In the hospital, Sanchi throws a fit about being kept in a low grade hospital and Jagya shouts at her for being ungrateful.

After Sanchi returns home, everybody talks highly of Jagya and his caliber as a doctor. Sanchi feels guilty about ridiculing him and goes to the hospital to apologize.

When Shiv returns, he gets to know about Sanchi’s accident and goes to greet Jagya. After Jagya leaves for the hospital, Dadisa laments about how Jagya’s lonesomeness and Shiv suggests Dadisa to get him married again.

On their way back, Anandi requests Shiv to take a detour and takes her to the same place where they had met for the first time.

Standing by the lake side, Anandi recollects past and expresses her gratitude and love for Shiv. Shiv tries to draw her closer when Anandi runs off to hide behind a tree and plays a recorded message for Shiv.  

Shiv grabs her mobile and says that he wishes to hear the same from her. Between all this, Anandi slips off and falls into the lake. Shiv plunges in to save her from drowning when Anandi hugs him tightly and shouts her feelings out  for him, much to Shiv’s disbelief and content.

But, what will happen to Jagya when Shiv and Anandi shift to Udaipur? Will out of sight become out of mind? Keep reading this space for more updates; meanwhile watch the exclusive video of how Anandi confessed her love for Shiv.

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