Anandi reunites Ganga and Mannu# Balika Vadhu: Weekly Recap, 4th March-9th March
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Last week Balika Vadhu began on a high note with Dadisa screaming at the top of her voice, complaining about why Gehna’s wish to be a mother again was kept as a secret from her? But after talking to Bhairon, she empathizes with their predicament.

Later, Dadisa asks Ganga to pay attention to her studies more than her culinary skills and how she would be able to free herself from Ratan if educated. Dadisa goes on to explain why Ganga should divorce Ratan Singh.

Before Anandi’s arrival in the Disha Mahila Utthan Griha, initiated by Anandi’s ‘‘Teacher Ji’, Sandhya narrates the story of Anandi’s brave and ambitious childhood to her students.

Back in Jaitsar, Ganga feels restless thinking of divorce. Jagya tells her to take her life in her own hands and decide for herself. Jagya tells Ganga that he wants her to be a nurse. Ganga doubts herself and wonders that she is not even qualified for the job but after Jagya promises to train her, Ganga agrees timidly.

Anandi interacts with the students in the festival and expresses her gratitude towards Sandhy Ji and her in-laws for supporting her while pursuing her education. Incidentally, Ganga’s son Mannu’ caretaker, who is also present at the festival, thinks of sending Mannu’s news to Ganga through Anandi. As Anandi shares Ganga’s story with the girls she recalls seeing Mannu.

She makes the plan to rescue the kid with the help of the girls and informs Shiv.

Anandi decides to go and confront Ratan Singh.  But as she reaches the house, Ratan Singh attempts to flee. Anandi stops him and tries to run away with the kid, when Ratan Singh threatens to kill Anandi and aims a gun at her.  Anandi manages to escape with Mannu and Ratan Singh follows her but backs-off seeing the girls and Sandhya teacher approaching.

Ratan Singh starts running towards the cliff and slips. He begs to be rescued. Anandi reminds him about his misdeeds and how he tortured Ganga. But, Ratan Singh pleads for mercy and Anandi decides to save him.

Shiv arrives and gets Ratan Singh arrested. The couple then leaves for Jaitsar and take Mannu along. Ira and Sanchi wait for Shiv and get anxious when he doesn’t return.

On their way to Jaitsar, Shiv and Anandi tease each other about the unfinished conversations and stop by a temple to seek blessings. After reaching Jaitsar, they head towards Dadisa’s haveli and surprise everyone. Finally Ganga meets  Mannu and  gets emotional.

Will the vengeful Ratan Singh be back? Will Anandi finally confess her love to Shiv? We will update you next week! 

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