Anandi loses Nandini forever? #Balika Vadhu
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In tonight's episode we see Niranjan, Gehna and Bhairavi bidding a terful farewell to all the members from Badi Haveli as they leave for good. Dadisa and Anandi head towards the temple for darshan but when they almost reach near the temple, co incidentally Akheraj Singh and family is also seen coming closer to them, both the parties unaware about each other’s presence.

The climax moment builds up when Anandi sees Akheraj all of a sudden and screams that he is the one who has stolen Nandini.By then Akheraj also realises the whole situation and there is chaos!

Even Dadisa realizes that he is the same person whom she returned the wallet to and exclaims the same! Akheraj is totally taken aback to find Anandi there and immediately the chase game starts.

Akheraj tries to run away but Anandi desperately follows. He yells at her saying that because she spoilt his son’s wedding, hence to compensate the matter and take a fair revenge he got Nandini married to his son! Saying this he removes Anandi’s hand holding the jeep as she stumbles and falls.

Witnessing the entire incident, Dadisa cries out to driver to start their jeep in order to follow those people but sadly they are unable to follow.

Anandi is totally shattered and crushed in pain at the very incident. More so on hearing what Akheraj claims to have done to her little daughter! She cries bitterly for Nandini who fades away from her sight!

Once again Anandi lost the battle.Does this mean she would give up on finding her daughter ever? Or will this incident make her conviction even stronger to have Nandini back in her arms?

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