Anandi enters Shiv’s home! Weekly Update: 17th to 21st December
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After bidding farewell to Dadisa and family, Anandi sits in the doli and completes the Vidaai rituals.  Sumitra gives Anandi’s hand to Shiv and together they leave for Shiv’s haveli. Watch Anandi say her last goodbyes to her family in this video.

On the way, Shiv tries to console Anandi and promises to be on her side every moment. He assures her that he would help her adjust in his family and will not ever ask her to break ties with Dadisa and family. Watch their complete conversation in this video.

When the newlyweds reach the haveli, they are made to wait for the many rituals that take place according to Rajasthani customs. First off, Sanchi had to stop the couple and demand money to let them enter but Sanchi disappeared at the last moment putting everyone in tension. Watch all the drama that happened in completing the first ritual.

Next we see Anandi’s grah pravesh into her new  home and after doing the rituals of leaving footprints, both Shiv and Anandi proceeded to do a puja. Watch Anandi’s grah pravesh right here!

Once in the haveli, we see Anandi and Shiv play the post-wedding games which test their compatibility and prove who will have an upper hand in the marriage! Find out who will rule this marriage right here!

Sanchi, as usual, made half-hearted attempts to take part in rituals. After looking for many opportunities, we see her make fun of Anandi in one of the games. This irritated Daddaji and he reprimanded Sanchi. Watch how Daddaji warned Sanchi about her actions in this video.

Anandi is sent to get ready for Muh dikhai rasam and Shiv is asked to stay away from her. This upsets him a bit and he tries to talk to her over the phone but at the end moment Shiv’s mother catches the two! Watch Shiv’s attempt to get close to Anandi in this video.


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