Anandi and Shiv to come face to face!
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  • July 3, 2014
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Last week you saw how Anandi supported her husband, Shiv and showed her loyalty towards the bond of marriage. Shiv and Anandi have always kept work away from personal front. But in the coming episodes the twists will make Anandi and Shiv have a showdown in their professional life.  

Pramila who boasts of running a folk dance academy is involved in some illegal activities. While Anandi blindly trusts Pramila’s intention, Shiv gets complaints from the local residents about some filthy play going on.

Pramila informs Anandi about the residents and local police who want her to vacate the academy. Anandi being unaware of Pramila’s vicious plans reaches the academy in full support of Pramila, to find Shiv investigating the premises along with the police force.

The couple who have hardly ever disagreed on anything, Anandi and Shiv get into a huge argument in front of everyone. Will this public fight cause a rift between the two or will Shiv and Anandi’s love will win over?

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