An interesting battle coming up between Madhu and me: Deepshikha
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Wickedness has a new face in Madhubala and that’s Pam. Actress Deepshikha is playing this very important role in the very popular TV show. It came as a surprise which turned Deepshikha’s life upside down when she was told that she will be playing this negative role of Pam in the show. A candid talk to her and she reveals her excitement and the back story of her entry in this show.

What went through your mind when you were told that you will be playing this wicked Pam?

It was a pleasant surprise but at the same time my whole system went haywire. I had already signed two films as there was no confirmation from the production house. And suddenly one night I got a call saying I have to play the role. I had to cancel my contract for the film because I was excited to work in Madhubala. Initially I was confused as I had two films as well but then I made up my mind as I wanted to get back to TV for the longest time.

Did you follow Madhubala before you were a part of it?

Initially, yes. I found it very interesting as it was a story revolving around the film industry. But then as time passed I got busy in my projects so didn’t get much time to follow it. But I always thought it was a good show and I am happy that I am a part of it now.

How is it getting back to a negative role on TV after a considerable long gap?

It is very interesting as this is the first time I Think I am playing an out and out negative character who doesn’t have a reason to b e negative. It is plain greediness which drives Pam to do all the wicked things. At the same time Pam has to be all good and motherly to Abhay. So the switching between the two shades excites me. For an actor something like this is always exciting.

Madhubala before the leap was mainly popular for its story line and the chemistry between the Leads. Do you think you have a certain kind of pressure or responsibility to maintain the popularity?

Well I think of it as a completely new show. For me there is no comparison as such from the audience point of view. I think the only person who might be under little pressure is Gunjan (abhay) because there might be direct comparisons but I think the responses I ma getting for my role and is pretty good and encouraging and I hope to keep doing good.

Now Madhubala will be in the house staying with Pam and other family members. So does Pam have any plans against her as well?

Abhi toh bahot mazaa ayega. Yes there will be more trouble for everyone which includes Madhubala as well. It will be an interesting battle between them.  

 How the response has been for your role and for Madhubala post the leap?

For my role its been great. People have commented saying good things about me. They have also told me what they don’t like. As far as the show is concerned it is a very popular show and to take a leap and come back with everyone new might be little difficult to digest for the audiences. But I am sure eventually they will start liking it as we have got some really interesting tracks coming up. I just pray that everyone keeps loving the show t he same as they use to do it before.

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