An Encounter with Arjun Kapoor!
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  • November 16, 2014
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This weekend's special guest is the young and dashing Arjun Kapoor. Yay, I'm so excited!! He will be entering the house to give  a surprise to the housemates and promote his upcoming movie ‘Tevar’.


Arjun tried to make his visit even more interesting by playing a task. As per the task each housemate would target and hit a housemate with a color water balloon.  Someone who's tevar they want to change! Also, if again and again same contestant is chosen to change their tevar, then the person who appeals for the change has to give a new reason everytime. And how would they do that? I, for one, enjoyed watching Ali being the ‘Bull’s eye’ for many!! *Hahahaha*


Later Arjun shared a cup of coffee with the housemates and also shared his journey in the making of the movie.The Housemates acted as typical journos throwing questions at him. In fact I felt he even forgot he is in Big Boss House. Housemates tried to trap him asking the time, to show his phone etc. which they are kept away from.


Thrilling bit was when Arjun shared the stage with Salman Khan and thanked him for being an inspiration to shape up his career and his ‘Hot Bod’! In fact there is a song in his upcoming movie which raves about his reel character being a fan of the real Salman Khan. Quite feet tapping! You got to listen to it!


I almost fainted in awe while watching Salman do push ups along with Arjun. Mind blowing! There is much more to it! Wouldn’t you want to know?



Catch the episode with Salman Khan tonight!



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