Amrita is over protective about me: Preetika Rao
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Are you happy being Aaliya?
Yes, absolutely. I am getting an overwhelming response especially from Indian and Pakistani Muslim girls. They have been sending me messages that I am their role model. From the way Aaliya carries herself to the way she is dealing with things around — I am getting a great feedback for my character. Zain and Aaliya’s chemistry is being appreciated too. I am amazed to receive messages and mails from San Francisco, Baluchistan, Pakistan, Canada, US, UK and the Middle East.
When the show started, did you ever think that it would become popular so fast?
I had faith that I would be able to portray Aaliya well and it will be loved. I am happy that the show has become really popular.
What did you like the most about the show?
I loved the script and the Muslim backdrop appealed to me. I also love the fact that the set up of the show is so lavish and glamorous. The Abdullah family is shown as a royal class of people. We have shot it like a film.
How well is your bonding with co-stars?
The entire team is good but my favourite person from the team is Naved Aslam. We both discuss a lot of cinema. We practice Hindustani classical together. With Harshad also, I share a good comfort level.
If you were Aaliya in real life, how would you tackle the situation?
If I was married like Aaliya, I would have found support in my uncle Osmaan because his love for Aaliya is unconditional. I would also keep the family happy the way Aaliya keeps trying. I would also workout the marriage the way Aaliya is doing because she knows that Zain is not a bad guy but he is just upset with Aaliya because she backed out from her promise of saying no at the nikaah.
What kind of a person are you in real life?
I am a friendly person and I believe in being good and appreciating people around me. But if I see that the other person is not interested then I back out. All the friends who have ever left me in life have come back to me and said sorry. I believe in giving people second chances.
People compare you to your actress sister Amrita Rao, how do you take that comparison?
I find her much more pretty than me. If people find me remotely like her, I would say I’m blessed. The comparison is pretty obvious, it’s human to compare. All the sisters who have worked in the same industry have been compared. So, it’s fine with me.
Does Amrita guide you?
Amrita’s journey has been full of grace and dignity. She never compromised on her values. I also wish to go ahead in my career like her. She guides me like an elder sister and she is over protective about me.

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