Amol is the best gift to me says Anandi
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Toral Rasputra, better known as Anandi of Balika Vadhu on Colors, is known for her grace and simplicity.  Recently on the show Anandi and Shiv took a big step forward in their married life by adopting Amol. We got into a conversation with Anandi on both Amol and adoption.

So how is life after Amol’s arrival?
Anandi was always keen on adopting a child, and coming across Amol was like the best gift to her. Anandi knows that he is not a normal kid but Shiv and she would try their best to make him lead a normal life. Anandi is really excited to have him and now she thinks life would be great henceforth.

Why did you choose Amol?
When Anandi saw him for the first time, there was some kind of magic. She just knew deep down that Amol would be the one she would shower all her motherly love to. She came to know that no one was ready to adopt him because of his disability. It is not his fault so why should he be deprived of all the love and care? There are treatments for that, and she thinks all he need is a little motivation, love and support to get back on his feet.

Would you go for adoption in real life?
I really don’t know if I could pull this of.  But if you have the capability, one should really go for adoption. Back in college my friends and I decided that if somewhere down the line I’m financially well equipped I would surely take this chance to help someone in life and go for an adoption.

Keeping in mind Amol’s disability, don’t you think he might face trouble in future owing to this?
Shiv and Anandi are making efforts to build up his confidence.They treat him like a normal kid and expect others also to treat him like that.  A while back we shot a scene where Amol was taken to school and a group of boys bully him. In this situation all Anandi asked him was to stay strong and fight back.

Any message to the fans who might think of adoption after being inspired by you?
I think people should consider adopting a child. They are little kids, all they want is love and care and if you are capable of doing it, please don’t’ step back. In life, if you can make efforts to give any child a good life then nothing should stop you.

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