All the details about the Bigg Boss 13 house!
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  • September 29, 2019
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A brand-new season calls for a new location and a new look! While this tedha season will include a lot of madness, quirk, etc. the mighty house isn’t far behind either. You’ve seen the pictures, but now is when we give you will decode the entire house for you. The house, in just a few days, will be a host to a lot of overheard conversations, blooming rumors, mysteries and 13 contestants striving each day to be the winner!

But before the contestants’ step into the Bigg Boss house and breathe in the drama, here’s a complete know-how of the house! A 20 feet vertical garden in the shape of a double B is one of the most eye-catching elements of the house. This section also features a special hideout section that will be worth exploring! 😉

The living is known as the breeding ground for fulfilled and unfulfilled promises, a pool of expressions, tasks are read out and lastly, where all the smiles and sorrows are captured.

Further in, every nook and corner of the lavish house has the Bigg Boss eye plastered across. From a huge setting table in the shape of an eye with a retina placed as its holder, the piece beautifully fits in and divides the large living room from the modern-aged kitchen. A wall dedicated to the symbol has various shapes and forms of eyes spread across which will act as a constant reminder that no one’s move will go unnoticed. The bedroom can accommodate 14 people. Each bed is comforted with faux fur while the 3D zipper on the wall represents a series of expressions that will serve as an instant mood lifter!

The house overall has elements that are fun, young and oh-so-vibrant! They say that the best secrets are often the most twisted ones and the Bigg Boss 13 house will soon open its doors to enthralling revelations! Get ready for a rollercoaster ride that promises you heaps of entertainment!

Tune in the wackiest season 13 of Bigg Boss starting 4 days later, 29th September at 9 pm and Mon-Fri at 10:30 pm!

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