All in the day’s task: Ali gets appreciation, while Pritam feels drained!
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  • November 12, 2014
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When I saw last, Ali was diligently doing his job as a butler. I saw him impressing his master of the task by offering her services of foot and head massage.  Dimpy, looks like you are very good at ‘Kaam Nikalwana’ or should I say ‘Seva Karwana?’ I am sure Ali is expecting some heavy tip from you!
Pritam was sitting next to them and as he saw Renee pass by, he started bitching about her with reference to how she behaved the previous day. He said that it was not necessary for her to react like the way she did. He named the show of which Renee was a part and said that she isn’t part of that show anymore and her extreme aggression was not required in the house as everyone in the house is pretty exhausted just in half of the season. While stating this, Pritam looked exhausted of the ongoing ‘Klesh’ of the house. He missed his family apparently and felt being with them. Awww Pritam! Come on! Cheer up! We love your comical side.
Now going back to Ali, he received all the praise from even Nigaar for cleaning the fridge properly. Clap Clap Ali! I hope Sonali forgives you soon seeing you do your job with such sincerity. Well, it's the second day of the task and we are still confused about which butler and guest would be the winner? Any guesses?
Watch the announcement of task winners tonight
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