Aliya and Zain’s quick nikaah!
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Just last week, viewers of Beintehaa were treated to all the pre-wedding functions of Aliya and Zeeshan. But we guess this was not a match made in heaven as Aliya broke off the nikaah, and a lot of ugliness followed afterwards.

After the truth of Zain’s prank-gone-too-far reached Osman’s ears, he decided to make his son Zain pay for his mistakes by marrying Aliya and restoring her honour. Well, it’s no secret that Zain and Aliya loathe each other and hate the thought of being married to each other. This hatred notwithstanding, Zain and Aliya will be married soon!

Yes, the warring childhood rivals will marry each other to keep their parents happy, though the nikaah will not be a smooth affair. Aliya who blames Zain for the debacle of her first nikaah, will be in two minds about saying ‘Qubool Hai’ and being married to Zain for the rest of her life. But she will comply with her parents’ wishes and go ahead and marry Zain.

Zain on his part, will also be irritated by the air of festivity surrounding the wedding when it just a compromise for him. This sequence was shot recently with all the actors dressed to the hilt.

Preetika, who plays Aliya says, “I feel like I’m getting married in real life because of all the functions and wedding costume that I’m wearing. I’m very excited about the upcoming track where Aliya will shift to Mumbai with Zain’s family.”

Her co-star Harshad (Zain), who made a very handsome groom in a golden sherwani, says, “The atmosphere on the sets is lovely during the wedding sequence. Apart from the heavy turban that I have to wear, I’m enjoying this shoot a lot.”

So Zain and Aliya’s hate story is going up a notch with both of them being man and wife. Don’t miss the exciting wedding sequence and all the drama that follows! Tell us what you think of Zain and Aliya’s wedding in the comments section below.

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