Ali’s game plan busted!
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  • January 8, 2015
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Looks like Ali had not had enough of drama yet. Even after being a part of two major fights in the house, he was looking out for more.


Gautam , Rahul and Sambhavna, who were sitting in the bedroom area busy trying out some hairdo, witnessed Ali muttering something from outside as he kept hitting the bedroom door with his umbrella. It clearly appeared he was trying to provoke both Sambhavna and Gautam to come outside and fight with him but unfortunately they didn’t react to it. Later, he went on constantly bitching about Gautam with Karishma and Dimpy. I even heard him saying things like Gautam was scared of him and Dimpy everytime he thought of an argument, whereas he shares animosity with KT while Pritam doesn’t pay heed to his things. Ali sounded quite confident as he stated all that. I wonder what could have be Gautam’s response had he caught Ali saying all this.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the hedge, Sambhavna and others enacted Ali’s famous ‘Breathlessness act' after Ajaz’s attack, which got all of them rolling on the floor! So, the scores were even, though, Ali and Gautam mocked each other, nobody cared to react! 



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