Ali’s Captaincy Disrupts Decorum of the House: Synopsis Ep 26
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As the sun rises, it brings with itself a brand new day a brand new twist inside the Bigg Boss house. Captain Ali continues to dominate the house mates with his obsessive cleaning spree and disciplinarian acts. Rules duties are shuffled at every point leaving the contestants clueless and confused. While Captain Ali tries to reign over the Bigg Boss house, the experienced housemates make sure that Ali’s journey remains bumpy!

In the afternoon Bigg Boss announces the ‘Judgment Day’ task, wherein Ali is given the power to grant one wish put forth by the housemates. And along with that, Bigg Boss also gives Ali the power to punish one contestant of his liking. Ali’s decision comes as a rude shock for already irritated co-contestants who remind him at multiple occasions that Bigg Boss is the sole commander of their journey. After a long day of cat fights, arguments and bullying, contestants were finally settling in to end their tiring day in the house, when Bigg Boss introduces a brand-new task.

 Launching the task, Bigg Boss divided the contestants into two teams, Team A consisting of Upen, Puneet, Ali, Karishma, Minisha, Sonali and Sushant, and Team B comprising of Arya, Praneet, Gautam, Pritam, Soni and Natasha. The task required, two members from each team to participate, where they were to maneuver a cardboard cut-out of a car through an obstacle course while being blindfolded as the other contestant gave them directions. Following this, they were to assemble a jigsaw puzzle which highlighted the different features of While Upen (blindfolded) and Puneet led Team A, Team B was led by Arya (Blindfolded) and Praneet.

 As the task ended, the hardworking contestants made their way to bed to get some well-deserved sleep. But some of the housemates continued to sit together and discuss about their infamous captain, Ali Quli Mirza.


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