Ali the Hitler
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  • October 25, 2014
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It was kind of funny to see how the housemates can’t afford to sit idle when Ali is around. The strict captain, Ali has been keeping an eye on them and seems very particular about cleanliness, which everyone agrees to, albeit choose to be tight lipped about the same. Too much ego I tell you! 


The house looks well managed and absolutely spic- and -span in the house after Ali started intervening, but the housemates still have lots of issues with him. I happened to see something this morning. Ali fired Sonali when he noticed that she wasn't doing her sweeping job properly. But no one seems to be deterring Sonali's spirits in the house. In fact, just to have little masti, she went and threw some garbage in Gautam’s area just to annoy him while at work. But, it all backfired, when Ali found that out as he was already frustrated by her ‘not interested in work’ attitude. He went ahead and warned her to punished her severely if she does not take any work seriously. 


Just a little moment later, Gautam started singing playfully how he doesn’t want the current captain in the house. LOLz!  Was that an answer to what Ali just did to his lady love?  With Ali being the captain for yet another week,  I am just wondering if things move from better to best or from bad to worse. Many more things to unfold soon .Am loving it!! 


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