Ali goes on a Hunger strike!
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  • November 22, 2014
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Ali has become the real Mr.Bechara for the past two days. He has isolated himself from the rest of them and has been sulking for many reasons. Apparently, the obligation by Dimpy and Puneet’s remarks on his character hasn’t gone down too well with him. Though he is known to let go off things, which are often said and done to him jokingly, he is the most sporting person in the house. But after seeing the behavior of housemates towards him, he took a decision to change himself. In fact, he wanted to punish himself. He decided not to eat food to show his anguish towards all of this. Ali bhaai khaane pe gussa kyun?


Ali stopped eating food after last night, worrying the housemates. All of them tried convincing him but in vain. Nigaar squeezed out a little more time to ask him to share what was one thing hurting him so bad and Ali shared about his troubles and mentioned how he wished to talk to Big Boss once. He said he was being unnecessarily dragged for old stories, and that he should be given chance to prove himself and not always judged by what has happened. Nigaar assured him that she is a his well wisher and he can come to her anytime for a friendly advice.


Finally, seeing Ali being so adamant Big Boss had to send a letter asking Puneet to convince Ali somehow to eat his food. Haanji!! Was Puneet sir successful in the endeavor? Did Ali listen to him being the most elderly in house?


Let’s hope he did!


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