Ali fans the fire in the house,gets cornered!
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  • November 10, 2014
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It’s ridiculous! When talking about unpredictable behavior of the housemates, one thing is certain ‘Iss ghar mein kuch bhi possible hai’! And the recent example is Ali, who got the bitter taste of his own medicine when he tried to provoke Sonali by asking her to go inside the bedroom where he said girls were talking against her. He said “Tum suitcase ke bahaane se andar jaao”, a little annoyed by this Sonali walked into the room only to know that Dimpy was apparently talking about certain issues which had been telecasted on television as highlights, and Dimpy very calmly told Sonali that they were talking about everyone in general. 

Absolutely furious by Ali's 'double dholki' image, Sonali shouted at Ali saying “Aap aag lagaane ka kaam band karo!” I had never seen Sonali so enraged before. All the girls of the house started coming for her support relating this incident to many other unpleasant events before, which again had Ali involved. Upen, who was nowhere in the picture got into a bad dispute connecting to it with Ali. Unfortunately, being caught red-handed the entire house went against Ali ,who was trying to plot a big conflict inside the Big Boss Mansion. Everyone gave repulsive reactions to Ali. In fact someone even whispered telling he does all this to gain content, which he heard and then lashed out saying “Yes I love to gain footage”! Ali all I want to say is 'Bure bure hum shaitan, zara zara bachna re hum se!


Will Ali get nominated tonight? Will the housemates corner him? Watch the nominations special episode tonight @ 9 pm


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