Ali and Sushi are the fun element of the house
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  • October 25, 2014
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I wonder, if these two were not there in the house, how monotonous the house would have been! Whenever the rest of the house is divided in the groups going on and on with the ghisa pita rona dhona and chugli, it's only Ali and Sushi, who are always seen having fun or entertaining others in the house. I got to see one in-house comedies between ‘kaanta’ and ‘shaanta’, where the two were abusing each other in a very light-hearted way. Trust me, it was fun watching the two drama queens. So much so, that n whenever I feel low, I expect these two to come up with something hilarious. My predictions say that once they are out, they would surely get offers to do something funny on screen.!

Anyway, I must break one inside story to you that it's not easy to survive in the Big Boss house for the housemates, who have been requesting Bigg Boss for more cigarettes as some of them were even seen having withdrawal symptoms. Oh my god! Can someone please tell them that smoking is injurious to health? But, one thing is for sure, Bigg Boss is never going to encourage this habit that the housemates have. Will he? Or will he not? Well, we will get to know tonight at 9pm.

Dying to see Salman Khan!


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