Ali and Sambhavna shake hands post Farah’s class!
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  • January 11, 2015
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Ali and Sambhavna were the highlights of Saturday’s episode. The way Ali took things lightly during the week by being provocative didn’t make him realize how everything could stand against him in one go.

Ali was absolutely blank and speechless in front of Farah. Yes the real ‘Bolti Bandh’. I am sure if Ajaz is watching this somewhere, would be at some peace. Sambhavna, was equally answerable too. I saw both Ali and Sambhavna talk post the episode got over. They exchanged apologies and I heard Ali saying “Hum dono ko ek dusre ko samajhne ke liye ek chance dena chahiye.” The way the two exchanged gestures showed they will create another history of true friendship, but we got to watch if this really happens. In fact, not only Ali and Sambhavna resolved their issues. Other housemates,who have had issues with each other during the week were seen talking all the issues out before they were scrutinized. Dimpy was still seen aloof from Sambhavna, and was quite friendly with Karishma and Ali as usual. Gautam kept wandering around his new friend Mahek. I saw Sana’s ego hurt when Farah said she should be seen more often on screen. You know what she said? She said she wished for some issue related to her wherein she could show her power! Oh! So is that for footage Ms.Khan? I am sure if you find some other way out you will still succeed in doing so. Initially Sana couldn’t take Farah’s words, but then her good friend Sambhavna made her understand that Farah wasn’t talking in negative way but might be it was her message through audience who love her and wanted to see her more on screen!


What will Sana do? Will Sambhavna and Ali become the next KT-Upen of the house? Coming week awaits one more surprise!


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