Akash’s past puts Meethi in danger #Uttaran
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In a desperate bid to save her adopted daughter Rani, Meethi has entered Ratna Bai’s brothel as a dance teacher. But this move itself isn’t going to be enough to secure Rani’s life. Skirmishing through the dangers of Ratna Bai and her goons, Meethi is soon going to land in a life-threatening problem.

Meethi, who has entered the brothel as a dance teacher, tries to rescue Rani from the clutches of Ratna Bai. But Rani refuses to return with her as she feels mistrust towards Meethi. And this reveals Meethi’s disguise in front of Ratna Bai and to top it all Akash also reaches the brothel looking for Meethi and Rani.


With all the ongoing drama the situation become tense, but what brings in the twist is when Akash’s past is revealed in front of Meethi. Apparently Akash and Chameli, Rani’s real mother, know each other from the past! Seeing this Meethi feels a bit shocked and taking advantage of it Ratna Bai holds Meethi at gunpoint!

Will Akash manage to save Meethi and his family? Our sources suggest that Damini might jump in to save Meethi! What will be the outcome of such tumultuous drama and will Meethi manage to rescue Rani?


Keep watching this space for latest updates! 

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