Akash pulls off another ploy #Uttaran Weekly Update – 14th Feb to 20th Feb
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The week began with Mukta trying to find out about her kidnapper. She threatens the guy in front of her to show his real face, who in fact is Akash, but he just walks off. Rathore tries to call on the kidnapper’s number and Mukta warns everyone about her father’s arrival. Watch as the goons trouble Mukta.

In Bundela house, Tej Singh and Mai discuss Mukta’s disappearance and at that moment Damini joins them. Mai takes this as an opportunity to taunt her about Mukta’s actions similar to Tapasya’s and advises her to take care of Meethi. Tapasya overhears this conversation and starts to fear about her daughter’s actions. Watch this sequence here.

Jogi Thakur goes to Vishnu’s house and the baraat gets ready to leave. Ladies of the house are dressing up Meethi and while adorning her with ornaments, one of the bangles break and Meethi’s hand starts to bleed. While everyone rushes to take care of the wound, Nani calls this as a bad omen reminding Ichcha about her nightmare. Watch everyone’s reaction over Nani’s comment in this video.

Rathore manages to find Mukta’s hideout and updates the police commissioner about the same. He then makes an entry in to the warehouse and threatens the goons to leave Mukta. When they don’t listen, Rathore removes a grenade and threatens to kill everyone. Immediately, Mukta is given away to Rathore but at the end moment goons realize the bomb to be fake and attack on Rathore. Watch as Mr.Rathore turns into an angry young man and fights off the goons with much ease.

The wedding ceremony of Meethi and Akash begins and they first exchange varmalas. After completing a few more rituals, Panditji asks Veer and Ichcha to do the kanyadaan but they request Jogi Thakur and Divya to do in on their behalf. The elderly couple politely decline and urge Ichcha to let Veer do this auspicious job as a father. Watch their conversation in this video.

Rathore manages to rescue Mukta and they rush to the wedding venue. Panditji asks Meethi and Vishnu to stand up for pheras and with each round taken Akash takes an oath to destroy Meethi’s life. After four pheras, Mukta and Rathore reach and stop the wedding. Watch this entire sequence right here.

Mukta tells everyone that this Vishnu isn’t a real one and has been trying to fake his identity. Nobody believes her and in return scold her for her behavior. On Rathore’s insistence, Mukta gets a chance to prove her case and she tries to show many examples when Akash had lied about his childhood and friends.

But Meethi pays no attention to it and even Tapasya refuses to believe and begs her to stop the drama. Even when Mukta and Rathore mention the kidnapping, nobody believes them. Hurt by everyone’s rejection Mukta asks Akash to show the birthmark he has since childhood and can be seen in his old photo. He does remove his sherwani and leaves Mukta and Rathore shocked! Watch here to know how Akash proved his fake identity.

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