Akash is back!, UTTARAN WEEKLY REVIEW 23rd Sept TO 27th Sept
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The week started with Meethi getting ready for the puja and praying that now hereon things would turn out to be great and there would be no more sufferings.  and then entered Akash in the Bundela house in a dramatic twist. For a moment Meethi forgot that things have changed between them, as she was running to hug Akash when she realized that now there is someone else whom she is answerable to. Akash assures Meethi that he still loves her and would stay in the same house and wait for her to come back.

Meanwhile in the police station Jogi was all set with the bail papers, just when Maiyaa arrived and proved that Nirbahay’s body has been found, and the killer of her son wouldn’t go off so easily. She files in the papers, Jogi and all the other family members are shocked by this. To make things worst she instigates that all this has happened because of Meethi. This added the much needed fuel in the hatred that Mukta is bearing for Meethi.  Vishnu and Rathore have a heartfelt conversation in the police station. Now that Rathore is helpless as he has to stay back behind the bars until he’s proved guilty, he probes Vishnu to go ahead and tell the truth to everyone about Mukta and his undying love. Vishnu tried his best to make Rathore understand that he can’t be selfish and he can’t let Jogi and Damini suffer because of he choose his happiness crushing their wish. Mukta gets irritated with Vishnu’s stubbornness and asks Rathore to stop pleading in front of him. Vishnu apologizes to everyone and leaves.

Unaware of the fact that a horrid surprise is waiting for Vishnu at the Bundela house, he reached home and is shocked to see the place all decorated and dinner being served. While he was wondering about all these preparations that were made, he spots Akash. Akash being sarcastic makes sure that Vishnu is now aware of his pain and suffering. Vishnu asks Akash to whether all this is some kind of a joke to which Akash replies that all these decorations, his love for Meethi, his feeling, his pain and seeing his love being someone else’s wife is not at all a joke.

Now that Vishnu knows that Akash is one tough bite to swallow he decides to play along, he and Meethi start acting as Mr and Mrs. Kashyap. Vishnu takes Meethi to the dinner table and they enjoy a very romantic dinner, all thanks to Mr. Chatterjee. Vishnu is left puzzled when he comes to know that Akash has moved in with them and would be staying under the same roof. While Meethi and Vishnu are worried and thinking of ways to get rid of Akash, Akash in turn is all set to nag both of them.

While all this drama was happening in the Bundela house, Mukta is worried that she cannot do anything to prove his dad innocent. Jogi has also tried calling up all the criminal lawyers to take up this case and help him prove that Rathore is being a victim of the planning done by Maiyya. He lost all his hopes just then Tappu comes in and act as a pillar of strength. Not only Jogi but she also lends out her support to Mukta. 

Back in the Bundela house Vishnu is furious on the forceful entry made by Akash in his life and their house. He brings in the cops to settle the score with him. As the cops were about to arrest Akash, he hands them the will which states that Yuvraj has sold his share of property to Akash and now he owns half of the Bundela house. Vishnu and Meethi are left  speechless.

What will Akash do next? Will he ask Vishnu to leave or will if see Meethi and Vishnu come a step closer each day? 

Stay tune to this space to know what will Akash do next to win Meethi over. 

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