Akash gets Mukta kidnapped. Weekly Update – 8th Feb to 13th Feb
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The week began with Mukta having a heart-to-heart talk with Rathore. She reveals the complete truth about Akash to him and pleads him to help. Rathore places his belief in Mukta and promises her to bring the truth out in front of family.

Rathore tries to talk to Akash and realizes that Mukta’s words were true. He is then shown talking to Tapasya questioning her on why she didn’t believe her own daughter. Tapasya tries to reason out and says she was hoping to protect Mukta but Rathore refutes her argument and sets out to find the real Vishnu.

Jogi Thakur asks Mukta and Surbhi to go to Bundela house early morning and help in the wedding preparations. There Ichcha has a bad dream about Meethi and feels that something wrong is going to happen. Veer tries to comfort her and both discuss on missing Yuvi at the wedding. Veer promises Ichcha to make her meet Yuvi but when they go to jail the next day, Yuvi refuses to see them. Watch as Ichcha breaks down over her son’s rejection.

Mukta and Surbhi reach Bundela house and on the premise of buying varmalas, Mai sends Mukta to the market. Before leaving Mukta gets a call from Vishnu to meet her at Dadar bus depot and Surbhi overhears this conversation and immediately informs Akash about this. While all this is happening, even Tej Singh gets ready to get Mukta kidnapped on her journey to the market but before him Akash’s goons reach the spot and kidnap Mukta. Watch this entire sequence here.

Vishnu wonders why Mukta didn’t turn up and leaves from Dadar. There Mukta is taken to a dark room and she tries to find out who her kidnappers are. The goons talk in front of her to a certain Akash and Mukta wonders if he’s the same guy. Watch this sequence here.

Meanwhile, Ichcha and Thakur family reach Bundela house and enquire about Mukta. Mai, in a taunting manner, informs them that she had left for market but still hasn’t returned. Everybody gets tensed and think that Mukta is up to something and at that point Rathore enters and admonishes everyone to always think bad about his daughter and not care if she could be in a problem.

Rathore leaves to find his daughter and Veer tags along to help. Waiting for the right chance, Mukta steals her kidnapper’s phone and makes a call to Rathore and almost tells him where she is but the phone is then taken away from her. The goons call the same Akash and complain about Mukta and later he himself comes there to check on things. While his back faces Mukta, she tries to threaten him and demands him to show his face. Watch as Mukta faces her enemies.


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