Akash creates a lot of drama post nominations on Bigg Boss 11!
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  • October 17, 2017
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We saw the surprise elements in nominations this week. However talking about the singer-rapper of the Bigg Boss house this season, Akash, seemingly things haven’t gone down well with him. Ever since Vikas took his name as a nominee for this week’s eviction Vikas got totally upset especially when he was told that he doesn’t contribute much in the household chores.





His anguish was quite apparent because he felt even Benafsha doesn’t work much but her name wasn’t taken.  Akash and Vikas haven’t had a good equation ever since the show began and it seems Akash had been piling on things since long. His sudden outburst left everyone surprised in the house. He kept on calling Vikas and his friends in the house kaamchor.





Puneesh who is on Akash’s side got into a scuffle with Benafsha for his own justified reasons.






One incident led to other making things more complicated.


These increasingly strained relationships in the Bigg Boss house are making things worse. Will these negativities ever end?



Watch the full story of Bigg Boss unfold tonight!


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