Akash and Meethi’s love separated by the border
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This love story has gone through many rough phases but each time Akash and Meethi have been reunited; solely because of the power of their love and commitment towards each other. So, now when things had started looking rosy, the couple is going to part ways in a tragic twist of events.

As shown in the latest promo, Meethi decides to leave Akash and her family. While walking away she sits in a Jammu bound train but an unfortunate incident changes her destiny forever and she finds herslef across the borders, in the land of Pakistan. In the train, Meethi befriends a girl, Fida on her way to Jammu but it is later revealed that she is a suicide bomber. Fiza grows fond of Meethi and warns her to leave the train before its too late. What we see is the great train tragedy, but what will shock you is the fact that despite surviving the blast, Meethi is stranded across the Indian border. 

Although, Mukta has already informed Akash about Meethi leaving the family, looks like he will not be able to make it in time to save his beloved. Meethi has left a recording for Akash, where she has confessed about not be able to conceive a baby and how she will never become a mother. Sadly, Ekadish hides the tape in an effort to protect her son. Similar miscommunication had already created a rift between Akash and Meethi and this incident now might just change the fate of their relationship forever.

Many such twists will unfold in the upcoming episodes of Uttaran but we’re sure Meethi and Akash’s fans are dying to know what’s next in store for their favorite couple. We will keep you updated; just keep watching this space for more updates!

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