Ajaz Khan came back to the house. But Why?
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  • January 30, 2015
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While all were working in the kitchen area, suddenly a voice drew their attention. They all got surprised but in no moment they realized that it was a familiar voice of none other than Ajaz Khan and just then Bigg Boss instructed them all to freeze. Ajaz walked in delivering dialogues referring to each one turn by turn. Once he got done, they all were released from the state. And shortly after that, exactly the same thing happened which was expected. During a normal debate Ajaz threw an apple at Ali thinking he would catch. But Ali, who wasn’t prepared and was rather disturbed to have him back in the house, took it otherwise and threw the apple back in order to hit him. And that was all it took Ajaz to get physical once again. Housemates saw this and got so alarmedthat they all dragged the two in the opposite direction. They all asked the two to talk the matter out. Thankfully, the duo did it. They initially showed their frustration over each other then tried to understand each other and eventually buried the matter. How deep did that get resolved? Was Ajaz  there, just for that matter? Or he brought in some other surprises too? What was the purpose behind the story?


Tune in for tonight’s episode!


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