Ajaz is the troublemaker!
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  • December 20, 2013
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Ajaz might come across a witty guy who is often found miming funny anecdotes and one-liners in the Bigg Boss house. But his humor recently has not been going down well with the housemates and is becoming a factor of irritation for them. In the morning, while Sangram was doing his yoga in the garden area, Ajaz starts irritating him by singing in a loud tone.

Sangram tries to stop Ajaz but he continues his singing spree. Sangram gives Ajaz his piece of his mind and being the captain of the house, orders him to finish the work assigned to him rather than loitering around in the house.

Later in the day, while Ajaz and Andy are seated in the bedroom taking dig at each other, Ajaz irks Andy by passing personal comments on him. Andy further warns Ajaz to stay in his limits and not make fun of anything and everything that comes his way. Ajaz tries to pacify Andy by apologizing to him but Andy chooses to ignore him and walks off.

While Ajaz has lost his close friend Gauahar in the past owing to his irritable nature, will he ever be able to put a full stop to it?

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