Agnee did this only for IGT: Mohan on Twitter Concert Song
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  • January 17, 2014
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What do you get when you bring together India’s biggest talent platform, one of the nation’s best bands, and the whole of Twitter? The IGT Twitter Concert song of course!

The band Agnee, which was initially skeptical about making a song in 24 hours, took up the project as a challenge. K Mohan, lead singer of the band Agnee says, “It’s a fun experience to do this. I don’t think we would have taken up this concept- of creating a song in 24 hours for any other project than this (the IGT Twitter Concert song). We took this up because of the way in which it’s being created.”

After deciding on the basic tune, the band trawled through the lines that India’s Twitterverse had sent to make up the lyrics of the song. The band was blown away by some of the tweets that were sent for the Twitter concert, and got down to picking the best lines that fit the bill. 

The guitarist for Agnee Koco has this to say- “We were wondering how people would send the lyrics with the character limit of 140 characters. But once we got down to it, it all fell into place.”

And after putting the music and tweets together, the band recorded the IGT song, which you can watch here-

Koco also adds, “The credit for the song goes to the people who sent those tweets for the song. It’s been one hell of a 24 hour ride for us!”

Well, Agnee sure has set fire to the music scene with the beautiful IGT song that they created (with your help, of course) in just 24 hours. And we can definitely say that the Agnee team showed their brilliant ‘Hunar’ with this marathon session for the IGT song. Listen to the song and tell us what you think of it!

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