After so many accusations in past, will Shani come back to Suryalok?
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Recently we saw how the grown up Shani coming back after a very long time comes in as a shield to Mahadev. Ravan, whose actual wish was to ask for Mahadev from mata Parvati in return of the yagna and house warming ritual he performed, was totally taken aback after Shani tried burning the golden palace. Shani clearly knew Ravan’s real intent, so without saying much he executed the act making mata Parvati extremely angry. So when Parvati refused Ravan for Mahadev the latter asked for the golden castle in return. Parvati couldn’t say much but agreed.






When Parvati was about to kill Shani, Mahadev appeared and calmed her down. Later Vishu who was also present at the scene revealed why Shani did all of this without even explaining it to Parvati. Shani calmly replied saying this was all because he clearly knew the reason behind doing so and that he wouldn’t waver from his duties.


In the upcoming episodes we will see how Indra, Rahu and Yam talk and plot against Shani to end him forever since he is back. Here we also see the creation of Lohitaang/Mangal.








Mangal’s marriage proposal goes for Yami, however all she desires for is Shani to come back to the Suryalok. Chhaya although pretends to be a hardcore misses Shani remembering the past and his childhood.


Chhaya finds Mangal’s proposal suitable for Yami. All prepare for the ceremony. Vishnu congratulates Shani for Yami’s vaakdaan. On the other hand Mangal and Indra conspire against Chhaya, they plan to kill her and take away the small energy before it becomes Sooryadev.



All this while Yami takes all efforts asking Shani to come back to Suryalok and Shani keeps denying.



What will ultimately happen in the end? What will be Shani’s final decision?


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