After Gautam,now Mahek is frustrated with Rahul!
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Mahek was in totally bad mood as she spoke to Gautam and Sambhavna. Actually, the visitor’s pass claus has been very difficult to manage the movements in the house. Apparently, Mahek wanted to cut vegetables in the kitchen area but since Rahul was inside too she couldn’t have an access to the same.What upset her more was the fact that inspite of her requesting Rahul to move out for some time, he chose to sit and chat with Karishma and Pritam in the living area. As Mahek stormed out in anger she blabbered how annoying it was getting to deal with Rahul, because he always thinks for his convenience to do just everything in the house.


As per Mahek, every challenger was already finding it difficult since two days to stay away from all the basic convenience by sitting and sleeping in the garden area. But here when Mahek really wanted to go to the kitchen Rahul took it very casually by continuing his chatting session, which wasn’t even important! Rahul was sharing his previous season’s experience with the others and this made Mahek feel more agitated. I heard Mahek saying “ Wo apni marzi se khaata hai,apni marzi se sota hai,aadmi sirf naam se bada nahi hota balki harkaton se bada hota hai”  


Just in few minutes, Rahul came out and Mahek couldn’t hold herself as she started yelling at Rahul. First Rahul requested her not to discuss that at that time but do little while later, but Mahek got even more agitated saying he needed his own time to even hear things out! By now Rahul got a little angry too and said “I will not follow any rules” in response to Mahek who said “You just know to break the rules!”


Ufff!! These jhagdaas I tell you!


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