Aditya to save Zoya again?
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Zoya is devastated after she finds the divorce papers which had Yash's signatures. Aditya is disturbed too and leaves the house for some space. On his way, he sees Zoya broken and crying. He also sees her throwing away the ring. On picking up the ring, Aditya is shocked to see Pooja’s name engraved on it.


Noor gets worried about Zoya and asks Mahi to help. On finding her, Noor tries to comfort her but Zoya ends up locking herself in the room. Aditya is seen at a night club where a girl is seen getting cozy with him. He receives a call from Noor who informs him about Zoya. Aditya runs towards her house and eventually breaks the door only to see that Zoya has cut her wrist and is lying unconscious. They rush her to the hospital where Aditya decides to take charge of her treatment. The cops are seen investigating and suspecting Aditya for Zoya's suicide attempt. Do they arrest him? How will Zoya react to the situation? Is this the start of something new between Zoya and Aditya? Keep watching Bepannaah to know more.







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