Aditya kidnaps Zoya?
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  • September 17, 2018
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This week on Bepannaah, Arshad informs everyone that Zoya made him wear the ring in front of Aditya and that she definitely loves him. Arshad is now very eager to marry Zoya. Waseem calls up Harsh Hooda asking him to make Aditya understand to not cross his boundaries. On the other hand, we see that Zoya is putting mehendi on her hand and the lady asks her whose name she’d like to write. Zoya, however, is zoned out and is getting flashes of Aditya. The lady assumes the name to be Aditya and writes it on her hand. Is this a sign for Zoya? How does Zoya react?


On the sangeet day, Zoya is dancing with Arshad and she keeps catching sight of Aditya over Arshad’s shoulder. As the song ends, everyone claps and Arshad even kisses Zoya’s hand which makes Aditya very angry. Going forward, we see Zoya going downstairs when suddenly a hand is clamped over her mouth and takes her away. Zoya gets shocked after she sees it is Aditya who has kidnapped her. Where is he taking her?





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