Aditya gives Jai full control: 24 Episode 15 Synopsis
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Everyone at ATU reacts upon seeing Aditya Singhania who immediately asks for Jai Singh Rathod. Abhilasha tries to stall Jai from meeting Aditya but finally has to give in.

At the Singhania hotel in Bala’s room, Pooja & Bala share some intimate moments, she ultimately tells him that there is a change in plan and that Aditya is not going to the rally but is leaving for Delhi in a short while. Bala reacts but does not show his true feelings to Pooja.

Jai is released from the interrogation room and makes his way to meet Aditya. En route Abhilasha tells him that his family has been shifted to a safe house as Nikita felt they were unsafe at the hospital. Jai is upset that he wasn’t told earlier and warns Abhilasha to keep him updated in real time henceforth.

Initially, Sood and Abhilasha try their best to be a part of the conversation between Jai and Aditya, but Aditya asks for total privacy. When Jai and Aditya are finally alone, Aditya asks Jai why he wants to kill him. Jai is shocked, but then Aditya reveals that it’s understandable Jai would be upset with him, since his father authorized “Operation Trishul,” the Tamil Nadu mission in which Jai killed Ravindran but lost his own team in the process. Jai, however, insists he blames himself for those deaths, and says he was trying to protect Aditya, not kill him, at the Union Leader’s meeting that morning.

About the same time, Nikita, Trisha, and Kiran arrive at the safe house, and meet the ATU agents who will guard them. Nikita updates Tej at ATU who in turn tells Nikita that he’s on his way.

Back at the ATU, Jai shares details of Operation Trishul with Aditya. He informs him that he reported directly to Pratap Singhania for this mission, the objective of which was to eliminate Ravindran and the LTFE top brass, who committed numerous atrocities in Sri Lanka. He also informs Aditya that while the Operation was successful, accidentally Ravindran’s wife and young son were also killed in the Operation. Aditya understands now as to why the LTFE would want revenge on Jai but is still not sure why he is being targeted as his father who had sanctioned the mission was already assassinated four years ago.

Back at the safehouse, Kiran who is resting on her mom’s lap asks her about Janhavi’s condition. Trisha is initially hesitant but then informs Kiran that Janhavi didn’t make it, that the fake Abhay Gupta killed her in hospital. Kiran breaks down, Trisha tires to console her and tells 

Meanwhile, Aditya gets Jai reinstated as ATU chief for the day till this particular case is solved and Jai calls a former double agent Singh and asks him for help on Operation Trishul. Singh initially tells Jai that as per protocol he has destroyed all files, but Jai reminds him that Singh was never one to follow protocol. Singh finally agrees to look into the matter. Aditya then decides to not leave the city and stay since this will give them a better chance to capture the terrorists, else the LTFE’s plans can never be foiled.

Meanwhile, Nikita starts debriefing Trisha about what happened since mid-night and starts showing her images of the various terrorists including Yakub to confirm their identity.

Back at the Singhania hotel Pooja gets news that Aditya is not leaving for Delhi and secretly calls Bala to share the news. Bala is elated by the news and asks Pooja if they can meet at the hotel, even for a few minutes before she leaves for the rally. Bala then shares the good news with Raja and it becomes clear to us that Bala is Ravindran’s son who has been mentored by Raja – the real mastermind of this day’s mission.

At the safehouse, Trisha starts discussing her personal life with Nikita who is visibly uncomfortable. Nikita tells her that she is aware that Jai was briefly with someone while they were separated. Sensing something she probes Nikita and catches her off guard by asking her point blank if she was the one. Nikita doesn’t deny it and this revelation upsets Trisha further. When Aditya leaves Jai calls Nikita to talk to Trisha but an upset Trisha doesn’t speak properly to Jai.

Meanwhile, Singh who has been remotely accessing the Operation Trishul files finally finds some interesting data which he begins retransmitting to Mihir when suddenly an assassin who has been secretly following him shoots and kills him. While on the phone with Jai, Singh dies and Jai is left helpless at the other end.

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