Accusations Galore In The house: Synopsis Ep 40
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The only reason a person gets lost in thoughts is because it’s an unfamiliar territory. Gautam who is going through the same reverie is one contestant who is certainly the loner amongst the lot. Taking this story forward, the housemates start yet another day in the Bigg Boss house.


As Upen takes over the captaincy with his very first day on the throne, people are seen obeying him more diligently than their former ruler Ali. As Upen tries to make peace in the house, be it between Gautam and Praneet or Ali and Sonali, he finds himself in yet another pickle as Bigg Boss asks him to be the decision maker for the Judgement Day task. Upen has to select one person whom he wants to reward with something good and one person whom he wants to punish according to their performance in the luxury budget task, ‘Phone Booth’. Upen rewards Sushant while punishes Gautam. And once again Gautam is on the radar for the day.


However, in the evening, Bigg Boss Ki Adaalat task is introduced. A courtroom is set up in the garden area where every contestant were summoned by Pritam who is appointed as the host of the activity. Adding his touch of wit and humour to the numerous questions anonymously asked by the co contestants, Pritam starts the task with Diandra followed by Gautam, Praneet, Sonali and the rest.


From Diandra being asked as to why she is abusive and short tempered while serving food to Puneet Ji and getting accused of being the biggest manipulator and Gautam being called an attention seeker, contestants got a taste of some serious accusations and intense explanations during the Bigg Boss Ki Adaalat task.


However, to know what happens during the session and what is awaited post the drama, tune into tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 8.


To know it all keep watching Bigg Boss Season 8, every night at 9PM, only on COLORS.

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