Abhay upset with Madhu #Madhubala 13th March 2014
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  • March 13, 2014
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Madhu thanks Bebe for saving her but is worried that Abhay is upset with her. Bebe suggests her to apologize him on holi. Pam talks about planting Tamanna, Ananya's friend in Abhay's life. Abhay meets Bebe in the morning and tells her that he doesn’t want to play holi. Pam and Nikhil ask Ananya to bring Abhay to play holi. Ananya emotionally convinces Abhay to come for holi. Madhu reaches the holi venue. Bhupi gives Madhu to drink thandai. Bebe tells Madhu that she wants Abhay to play holi today. Ananya convinces Abhay to play holi. Dolly gives bhang pakoda to Madhu as she wants everyone to fire Madhu from her job. Abhay comes out for holi but says he doesn't want any color to be put on him.  Madhu makes Dolly also eat the pakodas. Ananya receives call from Tamanna that she has reached the Kapoor mansion.

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