Aataa Maajhi Satakli!
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  • November 7, 2013
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Armaan and Tanisha have been inseparable on Bigg Boss. However there seems to be trouble in paradise. The increasing tension brewing between them has become quite evident to the other housemates as well. Tanisha had previously complained to Armaan about his indifference towards her and his habit of passing snide comments in front of others. But Armaan always turned a blind eye towards her. 

While seated at the dinner table, Tanisha once again spoke to Armaan about respecting people close to him in the presence of the other housemates, which did not go down too well with him. The next morning, he was seen telling Tanisha off and warning here that she had no right to tell him what to do and should avoid doing that in future. Armaan rudely added that she has been surviving in the show because of him and would have gotten ripped apart by the other housemates otherwise. He further added that Tanisha would be left alone in the house sulking, if he stopped protecting her.

Will Tanisha stand up to Armaan’s indifference and angry attitude?

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