Aashka is the cry baby of Bigg Boss 6!
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  • October 12, 2012
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The only contestant who was seen saying that she has promised herself that she would not cry inside the Bigg Boss house was Aashka Goradia. Well to everyone's surprise she is the only one who is seen crying again and again.


It all started when on the very first morning she misplaced her ring, which she later explained that she is very sensitive about it as she is the fourth generation wearing it. Soon she found it back,but this hide and seek with her jewelry did not end here and she was again seen shedding tears over her lost chain. She is coming across as a very sensitive person who even started crying when there was an argument going on among other housemates regarding food. Another incident where she was seen dropping a few more of those precious crystal clear tears was when she felt she felt she was being blamed for some household issues while deciding the luxury budget.


Well four days have passed and we already have a handful of incidents to narrate.

All we can say is Aashka you should stop crying so much and save some tears for your wedding day!

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