Aashka disses and Nirahua misses!
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  • November 20, 2012
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Aashka Goradia got a second chance to prove her worth as Bigg Boss gave her an opportunity to live in the mud house. Aashka was super excited to see her old pal Nirahua and meet a new housemate in the form of Imam Siddique. The pretty girl had no idea that her new friend would prove to be that dangerous! After all of Imam's madness in the mud house, Aashka and Nirahua's patience was tested to its very limit. Aashka talks to Nirahua about how Imam Siddique was a psycho and his mere so called funny acts were simply disgusting. Aashka explains how Imam apologized after his first round of insanity (wearing Aashka's clothes and imitating her) and explained that it was his way of playing a game! Aashka then points out that Imam's erratic behavior is a mere case of an unstable mind. Nirahua agrees with her but adds that Imam is very sharp and not a random psycho. A traumatized Aashka tells Nirahua that Imam actually went to the extent of stripping his clothes in front of her. Nirahua consoles Aashka and tells her to calm down as Imam has exited the house. After sometime, Nirahua is seen singing in the garden area of the mudhouse. Well believe it or not, Nirahua was humming a tune that actually meant he was missing his friend who has left suddenly (indicating it to Imam).


While Imam was in the house, Nirahua hardly paid any attention to Imam but after he left why is he singing a song for him?

Watch Imam's melodrama here.


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