Aao milein Namak Issk ka ki pyaari se Chamcham se!
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Hailing from Bihar, here’s a story of a girl named Chamcham who dreams of a happy and successful life just like any other girl. Chamcham is fiercely independent, lives life on her terms and very protective of her loved ones. to her misfortune, she has always only faced a lot of criticism as she chose to be a professional stage dancer a.k.a a ‘Nachaniya’ from Bihar’s small town. She did so she could make ends meet, support herself and be a self-made.

Apart from the above, Chamcham is a happy go lucky girl and LOVES Bollywood. She draws inspiration from from every Bollywood heroine. Infact, while growing up, she followed these actresses and their dance moves which over the years translated into her becoming a dancer. More so, Chamcham is an orphan who does not shy away from striving literally every day. With unlimited struggles her way, she faces another one when she gets married to the renowned businessman Yug Pratap Singh.

And the universal question: – Kya Aap Ek Nachaniya Ko Karenge Bahu Ke Roop Mein Swikaar? surrounds Chamcham forever



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What’s her journey from here going to be? Tune in to Namak Issk Ka from 7th December Monday-Friday at 9 pm.


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