Aakanksha is happy about Na Bole Tum reunion!
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Navika and Beera’s wedding in Na Bole Tum-2 is turning out to be quite a tension filled affair for all involved. Even off screen, the long hours and the heavy costumes can bring down the most enthusiastic of actors. But one person who is happy and cheerful throughout this shoot is Aakanksha Singh, who plays Megha in the show. 

Why you ask? No, Aakanksha hasn’t found a secret energy drink that keeps her going. The reason for her happiness is that the cast of Na Bole Tum Season-1, especially Anjan Shrivastav (Vedkant Vyas), and Madhuri Bandiwadekar (Saroj Vyas),  is back on the sets for Navika-Beera’s wedding. And the current cast is having a great time with the older cast members amid all the wedding revelry.

Aakanksha shared a great rapport with veteran actors Anjan Srivastav and Madhuri, who played her in-laws in Season-1. And now that they are back to bless their grand-daughter Nanhi at her wedding, it seems like old times are back on the Na Bole Tum-2 sets. 

All the actors including Kunal (Mohan), Aakanksha, Madhuri Sanjeev (Bela Jiji) and Rinku (Renu) can be seen bonding and sharing jokes with the cast of the previous season. 

Says Aakanksha, “It’s great to have them back, and I slipped into old habits as soon as they were here. I’ve started calling Anjanji ‘Papaji’ like old times and I’m back to sharing my room and my food with Madhuriji.’

Looks like it’s not just the on-screen characters need blessings from their elders on the show, but the actors themselves need the company of veteran actors in real life too! In the midst of this happy reunion, there is only one thing that is nagging Aakanksha’s mind. She says,”I’m enjoying their company now, but I don’t know what the length of their role is or how long they’re back for. So I’m having fun while it lasts.”

Whatever tidings the Navika-Beera wedding brings on-screen, off-screen it has become an excuse for the reunion of the actors from Season-1 and Season-2. And that’s reason enough for the cast to celebrate!

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