A Wind Of Love Makes Its Way To The JDJ9 Stage
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  • December 7, 2016
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Week after week, the dazzling JDJ9 contestants put all their hard work into getting together stunning acts for the judges and the audience. While everyone has seen their share of low scores and high scores, they have transformed as performers on this stage for the better. 

This weekend, the splendid 6, strike on the JDJ9 stage with an emotion of Love. The "I Love" theme on JDJ9 will see the contestants pick the one thing/person they love and give a performance on those lines. 


Here's what's in store for you this week…

Shantanu is someone who has seen an amazing journey on this stage so far, for this season. One of the most versatile dancers this season, he is all set to exhibit his love for the God of Dance- Prabhu Deva. Try and not miss his electrifying act. 



The extremely adorable duo- Swasti and Preetjot are going to once again steal the show with their- high on Bollywood drama-act. The duo will have dance and acting synced well into their performance. Swasti and Preetjot will nail it and how!



Salman, the choreographer, the dancer, the terrific performer, who has been on the JDJ stage far longer than anyone has, will dedicate his act to this platform. For Salman, a major part of his career life was spent on the JDJ stage and it's given him the credibility and star value. This season, with him being a contestant on the show, it's all the more special. Hence, Salman picks his ultimate love – dance and the stage and gives it his all.



Tigress Teriya Magar who once again made a smashing return with her wild card entry is doing complete justice to the decision made by the judges. This weekend, the pretty girl who is in this city, away from home will perform for her friends back home. The emotional chord of this act will leave everyone raving about their act. If you love your friends, you must not miss out on the beautiful portrayal of wonderful moments between the friends shown in this act. 



Siddharth Nigam is going to leave the judges in tears with his act. The lad will dedicate the act to his father, who is no more, and to the pillar of strength in the absence of his father, his mom. Siddharth shares how he lost his father at a young age and how he could never share his achievements with his father. This act stirs a spell of teary emotions even within the audience. 



Karishma Tanna will don the Rudra Avatar and do an awesome Tandav dance. The power packed act with some impressive choreography will make you go WOAH!



Hit your TV screens this Saturday at 10 PM to support and watch the one who you love on this " I love" episode of JDJ9!

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